The Fountain

Yellow skin girl
Enveloped in a dancing fountain
Art made life made art made play
The sweetest days drift briefly, sway
I watched the river turn
Deep and black with memory
Bridges crossed and wishes made
Time spent unwisely, paid up
Till the 9th day
When she will return
Shrieking in the foam and spray
Joy spilt on the edges
Summer’s fair way


Indefinite Leave To Remain (Diamond Jubilee)

Intensity is done
Now the wait
What comes next?
We, immigrant
Moving nations
Not across borders
But inside bodies
Our blue eyed son
The reminder of migrations past
That cut across
Boundaries made from desks and glass partitions
The inventions of form filling
Line making
Appetite suppressing
This Indefinite Leave To Remain
Speaks of staying
The softness of the story, human sized and roughly hewn; indistinct
Asks for audience
But, childlike, must quiet itself
Elevating certainty above ambiguity
For the egalitarian process
Of mutual adresses, proof
Credit card payments
The evidence of our good citizenship
Bus driver rides angry,
Son of forced movements sweetened later with the cultivation of recruitment promises
Cushioned beneath a Jubilee weekend
Sixty diamond years of continental drift
Culminate in a penstroke of declaration
That what we are is enough
That what we are is the truth
The pragmatism of surrender
Another layer on the foreshore
As 1000 ships sail by.