The Fountain

Yellow skin girl
Enveloped in a dancing fountain
Art made life made art made play
The sweetest days drift briefly, sway
I watched the river turn
Deep and black with memory
Bridges crossed and wishes made
Time spent unwisely, paid up
Till the 9th day
When she will return
Shrieking in the foam and spray
Joy spilt on the edges
Summer’s fair way



The ReUnion

Summer magic
Weaves story telling spells that speak to
A ReUnion
Of Heart & Soul
Body held and released
Remember when?
You ran… free?
Searching out seashells in stones
The easy emergence
Of poolside signs
Laundering the contents
Of Mind grown dusty
Cobwebs blown out
Till Blue Monday
Stay with me!
Stay with me!
We travelled through time…
Visiting World War scenes
Playing out to a captivated audience
They listened, mouths open
Small bodies pressed against timber
Rough hewn, the colours of our ancestors
Called on prism lines of Red & Black
This is truly an awakening
Lucid dreaming in SE1 shadows
Under diamond skies
I ask, in the dawn light
Crow flying over pop-up green tents
What is more true?
Which new world emerges?
In this blink of an eye
Drinking the bitter sweetness
Our lives made vivid
True life drama
For real.