Remember My Names

Remember my names

Don’t let

The pointless thoughts

The busyness


Her still and sacred heart

You, child of the mountain and the sea

Sang songs with whales

Tossed on the curve of the bay

Sitting sweetly at the table

When your hair wouldn’t grow

I always wanted

To be there for you

A steady, playful presence

When I fail

It’s not that my love for you 

Is in doubt

But because the world’s noise intruded

Seeping corrosive syrup into the safe place we made

Leaving us in pieces, divided and grief stricken

Our memories disrupted

In bodies, depleted and un-storied

When we are there

I hold you still

Beyond words and noise and silence and things

Ocean carries our secret

Criss crossing the jagged breaks

Coming home on a deep swell

A strong current

A true call

So remember my names

As a key remembers a lock

Remember my names

Knock knock knock


The Lonely Sea Came

The lonely sea came

Carried by the wind

To the warm red center

1000 leagues from shore

Dust blowing on the crests of her cold waves

I sat, super still

Watching ice tipped fingers searching 

Through the branches and leaves of my treehouse

Inside, I was afraid

But ready

To be enclosed and swept away

My treehouse becoming boat

The leaves a billowing sail

The branches steady oars

Rustle rustle

Tap tap

Sail away

And don’t look back


I began to love

The glitter and colour

Of the Anthropocene’s layer

Saw great beauty reflected

In future eyes gazing

On all of this

Wasteful Folly, stripped of Meaning


Indifferently, lovingly


As we are, inevitably

Ashes to ashes

Dust to dust

Plastic makes beautiful geology

Long after this has passed


Structures of Meaning

Head arches

Inflating balloon-style

As if I


About to

Lift off

Propelled by:

Righteous anger,

And Hot Air.

There in the stratosphere

Contemplation of

The Structure of Meaning

Embodied in Me

At this time

In this place

Once I reach Outer Space

I will let genetic legacies fly

Joyously admixing

Till no traces

Are left

To harden 

When I land on earth

Swallowed by the ocean

I will be soft hewn

Malleable and porous

I will be True Love

Dispersing into foam on the waves

I will break on the shore

Droplets of salt water

Percolating into sand

Nothing left to hold

Nothing left to be


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Iron Cage

Got caught up

In the Iron Cage

Conditions for

An endless bleeding

A 28 day looping miscarriage

I fought back

But, anaemic, succumbed

Bloodless and emptied


somewhere in the night

Caught. My. Breath

Dreamed of altered states

A green space



We edge on

Heading towards


While existing in


Building our castles

Lush, pixalated gardens

We look out for portals to

A universal love, an infinite recognition

Of our

True names

While warding off

Zombie attacks

And the sadness of

A burnt down world






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