Inside the Dark

Inside the dark

A small screen

A bright light

Became a lighthouse

I swam up from the far shore

To those blue walls of Africa

Of which I had become afraid

So they flattened

Becoming impassable, cool glass

I sat quietly

Balancing briefly while living the dream

Of all those lost songs

If I forgot then someday I will remember

To hold lightly the reigns

To trust the rider

Singing sweetly, a mermaid came

to swim

to remind me

She offered wishes and friendship

I cried at her feet

Poured water on her tail

Asking for signs and love and meaning

There is no love as steady as this

She sang

No joy greater than the swell in your heart right now

In time, the waves

Blue walls of Africa

Come back to return us

To a life that’s filled with music

Safe passage, both ways

1000 routes to home

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