Tools For When It’s All Too Much

Sending this post out again, originally titled ‘Jagged Edges in the West’, because it speaks to that place we can keep coming back to. When it’s all too much, and the forces are against us, and really, pushing on is not the solution, but taking a step back is.  This is a great tool kit, courtesy of Julie Tallard Johnson’s ‘Wheel of Initiation’ to check in and figure out where you REALLY are.

Initiation Songs

Sometimes we have to leave it.  For real.

I find myself irritated and dry.  Over-full, not with an over-flow of love, but the clutter of unfinished business and stuff and the debris collected over generations.

No time to finish any of it.  No sense of pulling together, in the inner and outer world, to clear the decks of this boat.

I snap.  Easily.  Quickly.  Brittle people are like that.

This fragile balance gets upset easily by broken microwaves, convenience deprivation, changing clothes over, unfinished D.I.Y, the fact that I have cracked my little toe and this tiny injury is rendering me incapable of pulling off the super woman act I put on most days.  Funny how the body gets its own back……   So I am in this state of being crippled by a silly injury and still trying to get things done. Trying to get stuff clear

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