The Other Womb Door

He saw

Between the gaps

Of the womb door

A battle with death

A stand off

A show of strength, carnivalesque

Fearful of….Unknowing

Eyes closing

Trigger finger itching, proclaiming victory

Spaghetti western posturing

Missing the point of infinity…

So close!

The possibility that Birth’s explosion could be a witnessing

Of the meeting place

The tipping point

Supported by her thighs

Feet rooted to anchor, on any ground

Emerging from waves of power

That portal where Life and Death

Circle and dance, ecstatic and savage

Become one, unseparated

Crow caws this truth, as she sees it

Proclamation of victory, unnecessary

Dominique Santos 2014

3 thoughts on “The Other Womb Door

  1. wow love this beautifully written, was great meeting you other day thank you for your words of wisdom really struck a chord with me hope all is well and your plants are flourishing, will let you know when my blogs up 😉 xx emma

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