The Assumption of Lost Keys

Pathways worn


In the style

Of an Iceni Trail

Poorly remembered

On the Overground

Joy is infectious

Once opened

Keys - Lost and found

Keys – Lost and found (Photo credit: Stewart Leiwakabessy)opened

I, meanwhile

Assuming lost keys

Wondering how

To open

The door

Without them


4 thoughts on “The Assumption of Lost Keys

  1. Hello there dear D! I have been wanting to send you a nice long letter and response to your email and will today! i love this poem and we must be linked in because “assumptions” were the lesson this past week in the Initiation Course. (I will send to you). LOVE LOVE LOVE this poem. I found myself reading it a few times . . .

  2. You did send it to me! It sank in and in… I wrote this poem a few weeks ago… found it in my notebook as I contemplated assumptions after reading your piece… made some subtle changes to the existing text to reflect those musings…. thank you as always for including me xxxx

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