The Tao of the Bathroom

I opened a random page in the Tao Te Ching, the copy by the entrance to the bathroom of our flat.  Much important reading material gravitates towards bathroom and toilet areas.  Must be something in the water.  I’ve been getting very puffed up with all this lucid dreaming, learning and leaping forward stuff… it’s heady and exciting.  So I got a thrill when I read the first lines:

“He who seeks knowledge learns something new every day”

(That’s me!  I’m the knowledge seeker!)

Then the next line just knocks me, in a kindly un-knocking sort of way:

“He who seeks the Tao unlearns something new everyday”

(Ah.  Right.)

The Tao of the bathroom urges some flushing away of conceit.  A good reminder.


2 thoughts on “The Tao of the Bathroom

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